NEW YORK — Kenmore refrigerant gauging technology that allows customers to easily check the temperature of their refrigerator has received a big boost from a $5.8 million federal grant.

The $2.8 billion Kenmore Innovation Challenge, part of the Energy Department’s new innovation grant program, will award $5 million to a project to develop an inexpensive, easy-to-use refrigerant gauge that will be available in the market within the next five years.

Founded by the company’s former chairman and CEO, Tom Kenmore, the Kenmore fridge gauge will be made by a company that has worked on refrigerant monitoring and refrigerant filtration systems before.

Kenworth has a proven track record in developing refrigerant refrigerant filters and gauges.

“The refrigerant filtering systems we’ve developed are proven to perform as well as our products,” said Dan Wysopal, vice president of product management for Kenmore.

“We’re working on making a new generation of refrigerant filter and gauging systems, which will allow customers to check their refrigerator’s temperature without the need for expensive and time-consuming equipment.”

The Kenmore filter is designed to be placed under the door of a refrigerator, where it can be read by a temperature sensor and used to measure the temperature inside the refrigerator.

When a customer walks into the refrigerator, the refrigerator’s door opens to allow them to inspect their fridge.

If the temperature in the refrigerator is below or above a specified range, the customer can also see if they have an appropriate refrigerator maintenance schedule, or if their refrigerator needs a repair.

Once the refrigerator maintenance routine is complete, the unit will automatically turn on and off the refrigerant for a brief period of time.

If a temperature gauge is detected within the refrigerator that is outside of a certain range, it will shut down the system and shut off the refrigerator completely.

The Kenanyll refrigerant gas gauge is designed for use with the Kenanyell refrigerant refrigerator.

It measures a refrigerator’s gas flow rate and will shut off when gas is below the specified range.

The Kenanyl refrigerant water gauge is made from carbon nanotubes and is a non-invasive temperature gauge that measures the temperature outside of the refrigerator to determine if the refrigerator needs to be replaced.

For a complete list of the grants that were awarded, go to the Energy Dept. website.

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