A fridge is a large refrigerator, usually about 6ft wide, that you keep the food in.

It is generally made of wood, usually in the shape of a box, and usually has a small hole in the middle to allow air to escape.

There are several types of fridge and most are the same size.

They vary in the way they are constructed and the number of openings they have.

For example, the wide fridge will have a metal door, which means that it can be opened from the inside, or it can have an opening on the outside.

The wide fridge has a large plastic container that is often the container you place your food in and it can often be covered with a blanket or other material.

It also has a shelf which can hold a lot of food, which can be used as a countertop.

There may also be a counter where you put the food.

The width of a fridge is dependent on how wide the opening is.

For a wider opening, a fridge has to be made out of wood.

If you have a fridge with a larger opening, you can usually fit in the same amount of food.

However, a wide fridge can have more openings than a standard fridge.

Some of the most common fridge sizes include: The normal fridge.

The fridge usually has no metal door and has a plastic container in the centre.

You can put the groceries in the fridge or you can put a blanket in the outside of the container.

This is a good size if you are buying food from the supermarket, or if you want to cook some food for your family.

You may need to cover it with a piece of cloth.

This size fridge is generally not suitable for people with diabetes.

It may not be suitable for adults with diabetes because the openings are too small.

A wide fridge is very large.

You need to be careful when using it.

You should always open the fridge from the outside and check that it is empty before putting food in it.

It will be a lot harder to open the refrigerator if the fridge is covered with material.

A narrow fridge.

A narrower fridge is not suitable if you need to cook food that is in a bag, or in a sealed container, or that you don’t want to open from the top.

You have to open it from the bottom.

You usually don’t need to open a wider fridge, but it is a safe size for people who have diabetes.

This type of fridge is usually used for the preparation of food that you need for meals.

You must make sure the fridge has at least three openings on each side, and you should be careful about opening the fridge too early.

This kind of fridge can be a little hard to open, because you need a lot more force to push food through.

The narrow fridge is often used for baking, but is not very big.

You use the narrow fridge to cook small meals that are small enough for you to take home.

It can be good for the people with Type 1 diabetes who don’t eat a lot, or people who don.

You might need to cut off some of the openings so that food doesn’t fall out of the fridge when you open it.

This fridge can also be used for people like us, who have an extremely low blood sugar, or for people without diabetes who need to take their medication frequently.

A standard fridge This is usually a very big fridge.

It has the same width as a wide one, and it is usually made of plastic.

It usually has two doors and a plastic shelf.

You would need to use a sheet of plastic to cover the inside of the plastic container.

The standard fridge will usually be the largest fridge.

You normally use it for cooking.

You could also use a plastic bottle that is sealed with a lid to store your food, or you could use a paper bag that is covered in a cloth to store the food you are preparing for your next meal.

This would be a good fridge if you have to prepare food that needs to be cooked and ready within a few minutes.

The most common type of standard fridge is the narrow refrigerator.

You don’t use the wide or narrow fridge, and this is the kind you use for cooking, or when you need it to be used in the kitchen.

It needs to have at least five openings, and is usually very big and very heavy.

The wider and narrower fridge are very small.

They are usually small enough to fit in a drawer, or a small storage box.

If your fridge is made out the same as a standard refrigerator, you will have one opening for each of the five opening types, and that opening will be bigger than the width of the standard fridge, which is the most commonly used type.

It would be good to have a container in which to put food so that you can easily open the container for cooking or for storing other food.

Some people with type 1 diabetes need to have extra help with their cooking, and if you can afford it,

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