ESPN Crikey’s John Dennar explains the jitters and uncertainty surrounding the future of JENN Air, the company that launched the brand in the United States, in his latest column.

Read moreCricket Australia and Cricket Australia’s new logo, a logo that’s almost entirely white, was unveiled in September, a few months after JENN was founded.

Cricketer Shane Warne is an ambassador for Cricket Australia, and he and his wife Sarah are also the directors of the company.

Cricinfo understands that a new partnership with the US sportswear giant Nike is now in the works, and CricketAustralia has also been approached to develop new products.

The company has been on a tear in the past few years, with sales up 25 per cent in 2017, and with sponsorship from Coca-Cola, Nike and Adidas.

But Cricket Australia is not the only Australian sportswearing company to be on the decline, with major Australian sporting sponsors like Major League Soccer’s Major League Baseball, and a number of smaller clubs also in decline.

Crispin’s new article, which was originally published on October 2, looks at what has happened with JENN and the rise of other Australian brands in the last decade.

It also looks at the impact of new technology and consumer trends on the sports apparel industry, including the rise in social media and how those trends will affect the future.

Crumbs brand JENN air fridge is a modern concept that’s based on the concept of a fridge, and it’s one that’s already been around for a long time, with the brand first launched in 1989.

Cranston and the original JENN are both brands based in Australia, but it was only in the 1990s that they were recognised as Australian brands.

However, the first generation of JENs was very different to the current one.

Crimson and Black, with a distinctly Australian twist to them, are the current favourites.JENN Air was founded in 1988, in Brisbane, and in 2002 it opened in Sydney.

It has since expanded into several other cities, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Sydney.

The brand is based in Queensland, with more than 30,000 employees and employs more than 400 people.

It also operates as a private label.

The current generation of the brand is the first to be branded as JENN in Australia.

The latest logo, designed by David Chipperfield, is a mix of the modern logo, the old logo, and the old concept, which is based on a fridge.

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