General Electric has unveiled its latest smart refrigerator, with a range of six different models.

The first smart refrigerator from GE was unveiled last month at CES, and the company has since released two more.

The new smart fridge is designed to meet the needs of families, small businesses and individuals, with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are six models of the GE Smart Icebox range, including the GE Mini, which comes with three basic models of 12.4kWh, 12.5kWh and 13kWh refrigerants, and a 6kWh version that can be upgraded to 15kWh.

There’s also a 6.5KWh version, which is capable of powering up to 18kWh of power, as well as an optional 10kWh variant.

The Smart Iceboxes are powered by a GE GE PowerEdge Series 1175-X, with 6,500 watts of power to power the four individual units, as shown above.

GE also provides power for the 5kWh unit, which can be equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery for an extra 5kW.

GE says the 5KWh unit will cost $1,500.

The GE Smart Flouro is a slightly smaller model, priced at $3,999.

It comes with 12kWh energy storage, and has a built-on Wi-fi connectivity.

The Smart Flourro comes with 4kWh power and has Wi-amid a 4kW power adapter.

The cheapest model of the Smart IceBox is the GE PowerDuo, priced for $1/kWh at $1.89/kW, which includes 12kW of power for 5kwh, but only 12kwh for 5.5kg of the energy.

The PowerDubs can be used with any 12kWH fridge, with the only difference being that they’re available in a 4-pack instead of a single 12kWhite and Red pack.

The 12k White and Red packs can be bought separately, with two of each pack costing $2.49/kWH.

There is also a 4KWh pack, which costs $2/kwh.

In all, there are 24 different energy-saving features, including:A dedicated button for charging the device, and four energy-saver modes for each of the six units; an “active fridge” mode that turns off the fridge automatically when it’s not in use; and a “disconnect fridge” option that disables the fridge from the device entirely.

There are no wireless charging options.

GE recommends that users charge their devices from a power bank, but GE says this isn’t necessary if they have a power cable.

In addition to the six models, there is also the GE IceCube, which was announced in December 2016 and costs $3/kw, which uses a similar 12k/12kWh battery, but offers 12k Wh of power.

This is the most energy-efficient of the four energy saving models, with energy usage being reduced by up to 30%.

The Smart Flours, meanwhile, come with a 6-pack of 6kW and 12kV versions, with power available from an internal rechargeable battery, and will cost between $2,999 and $3.49 per kilowatt-hour.

There will also be a 10kW model, which will cost less than the 6kWhite unit.

The two new models are available in three different colours, as pictured above, with three different models available.

The cheapest model is the blue, while the highest price is the red.

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