On July 15, 2017, the band The Mamas & The Papas will release the long-awaited new album, The Man Who Wants To Be Queen.

The title track, “Buckwheat,” will be the band’s first new song since 2010, and its first new one in five years.

“It was a long road to get to this point, and we’re very excited,” frontman James Hetfield said in a statement.

“Bucks, we’ve been through a lot together, and Buck’s just an amazing guy and an amazing musician.

He’s got such a special voice.

Buck has been in and out of bands for so long, he has such an incredible sense of humor.

He has a really deep appreciation for what we do and his love for music.

Buck and his bandmates are going to be really special.

I’m looking forward to playing ‘Buck,’ and Buck and the rest of the band are going out on tour with us in the summer of 2017.”

Buck, who has been performing and writing songs since the late 1990s, is the brother of country singer Carrie Buckner, and was first introduced to the world in the 1970s.

He began playing guitar in 1980, when he was 12 years old.

After a brief break in the late ’80s, Buckner reunited with his brothers in 1996 and started his own band, the Bucktons.

In 2002, he began touring with his former bandmates the Hetfields.

The band was disbanded in 2011, and James Buck, Carrie’s son, formed his own solo band.

Carrie Buckners son James Hettfield announced on Twitter that his father was in “great shape,” and would soon be reuniting with the Mamas and the Papas, with whom he has performed on more than 50 dates since 2011.

“This is awesome news,” Hetfeld said in the statement.

The Man who Would Be the Queen, which includes a new album with former member and keyboardist Chuck Hetland, was released on July 16.

“We are extremely happy to be playing our first live show in three years, with our new record The Man Wants to Be Queen,” he said.

“You can catch Buckwheat on the new album at the Buckwheats Tour, beginning July 31, and at a number of Buck’s local shows this summer.

Stay tuned for our full tour schedule, which will include shows at the Phoenix Club in Tempe, Phoenix, Tempe Valley Live, Phoenix Theatre, Scottsdale Arena and the University of Arizona.

We hope to see you all there!”

“BUCK” by The Mama’s & The Paps in Spanish on Instagram (Instagram/mamasandspapas)

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