On Monday, the cable network HBO released a television pilot for its upcoming comedy series Sugar Rush, which revolves around the life of a small-town bartender who is forced to take the job when his old boss dies.

The show, which will be produced by David Siegel (The Office, The Office: The Series), will debut on HBO in January 2019, but is currently being shot at a location in New Mexico.

The pilot episode of Sugar Rush was shot on location in Las Vegas, and the show will be shot in the same city.

HBO’s new series, which was first reported by Deadline, is based on the popular internet cartoon series The Adventures of Mr. Gold and will follow Mr. Goldberg (Drew Barrymore) and his best friend, Sugar (Jennifer Connelly).

In a press release, HBO said that Sugar Rush “will take a trip through time to the early 1990s, when a local bar owner named Mr. Silverman (Derek Haas) is struggling to balance the demands of his career as a bartender with the expectations of his family, friends, and neighbors.”

Mr. Silvermans first job is as a bar manager at a local diner, where he is tasked with keeping the place clean, the release reads.

The two will travel to the 1950s-era town of Silverton, where Mr. Golden (Dennis Quaid) has become an eccentric, alcoholic and alcoholic, and Sugar is living out her childhood dream of becoming a real-estate agent.

While the show focuses on Mr. Goldstein and his friends, the press release goes on to say that the show’s premise is “as timeless as the people that make it.”

Mr Silverman said in the press statement, “I love that there is so much fun to be had in a place that’s just a little bit weird.

It’s like being in the 1950, but you’re not.

It is as strange and surreal as it is fun.”

The show will focus on Mr Gold’s family, who has grown from a “humble, unassuming family” into an all-consuming cult, as well as the locals of Silverston.

The series will also feature the return of former “Mr. Gold” co-star and Mr. Bigglesworth.

Mr. Golden will have to work through his personal issues and the stresses of working in a small, rural town while also being in love with his wife, Ms. Gold, and their two children, Mr. Flakes and Mr Blakes.

Ms. Flake will be portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, who was cast in the role of Sugar, and her character will have a more personal relationship with her husband.

The show is also set to star the voices of the show regulars, including Adam Scott (The Big Bang Theory), Sarah Chalke (Lost), Will Arnett (The Venture Bros.), and David Alan Grier (Glee).

The pilot episode will be directed by Mark Boal, and written by the series’ co-creator and executive producer David Sessler, who will serve as executive producer.

HBO will be producing the pilot, along with Showtime, NBC Universal, and The CW.

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