The Magic Chef refrigerator is a fantastic way to freeze your frozen food.

But it does come with a few caveats: It’s only a refrigerator if it’s made from aluminum and plastic.

It’s not as easy to store your frozen meals as a standard refrigerator.

And it’s only available in select stores.

However, the company offers a new line of refrigerators called the Magic Chef 2, which is designed to be more convenient to store.

And these are only the basic refrigerators you’ll need to make the most of this wonderful kitchen appliance.

The Magic Chef is a great way to store frozen foods, even if it isn’t frozen.

(via The Daily Mail) Here’s how to make it your own: 1.

Pick a food you want to freeze 2.

Cut out a square of the food you’re going to freeze into cubes 3.

Place your cubes in the refrigerator 4.

Close the door and turn on the air conditioner 5.

The Magic Chefs 2 will open the air conditioning and keep your food in perfect temperature.


Place a small piece of cheese on top of your cubes 7.

Turn the air-conditioner off and keep the cubes frozen 8.

Open the door to the kitchen and turn the air on 9.

Wait about 10 minutes to allow the air to circulate through the air exchanger 10.

Check on the cubes once they’re fully frozen 11.

If they’re still not frozen, the air should circulate through their air exchangers and the cube will be ready for another day of eating.


You’ll have plenty of time to prepare your next batch of frozen food for next time.

If you want, you can freeze leftover food as well.

You can also freeze your food into a single meal, or freeze it up to two times.

The most economical option is to freeze it for as long as you want.

For example, you could freeze the food for a few weeks and then reheat it on the stovetop in the microwave for one hour.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you have two options: freeze it in a single batch for a month and then refrigerate it for the next time you want it, or refrigerate your frozen foods and reheat them at the same time.

These refrigerators are super convenient to use, and they’ll last for years.

Check out these other great kitchen appliances.

This is what you’ll have to do to make your own freezer: 1) Cut out your squares of food into cubes.

2) Place the cubes in a square, like you would if you had a refrigerator.

3) Place a cheese cube on top.

4) Close the doors and turn off the air.

5) The MagicChefs 2 opens the airconditioner and keeps your food cool.

6) Close all the doors in your house and turn down the air temperature to the lowest setting.

7) Open the doors of the refrigerator to get the air circulating through it. 8) Place your food cubes in their respective slots.

9) Put the cubes into the air and turn them on the heat for a couple minutes to make sure they’re ready.

10) Close them again to cool them down.

11) Close any air vents.

12) Close or close the refrigerator door completely.

13) Make sure the air is circulating through the system.

14) Check on your frozen cubes and refrigerate them if they’re frozen solid or frozen in a mixture of liquid and frozen solid.

15) If you have an electric refrigerator, check the water pressure to make certain they’re not too hot.

16) You can also buy frozen ice cubes, but make sure you use a frozen ice cube tray, not a plastic one.

17) If your air conditioning is set to a low setting, you should make sure the cube is in the air before you open the door.

18) Once the air circulates through the cube, turn it off the heat and let it cool down a bit.

19) Keep the cube and its contents in the fridge until you need them again.

20) If the air does not circulate through your air conditioners or your refrigerators at all, it’s safe to return the cube to the refrigerator for a second time.

It won’t take long to get it right.

For more tips and tricks to make ice cubes at home, check out this post.

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