Refrigerator Not Cooling is the best rated refrigerator in 2021 according to the Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Moore have a list of the best refrigerators and freezer models from 2018, and they have some interesting stats.

The average rating for the top rated refrigerator was 9.2.

Thats a great number, but the top models have a median rating of 9.1.

That means that the median rating is better than 99.9% of the models in the benchmark, which means that refrigerators are in good shape.

The top rated freezer models in 2021 have a mean rating of 11.9, with the top model getting a median of 12.9.

That is pretty good.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Globe andMoore says that their benchmark is a weighted average, and that they use the median of all models.

That puts the median higher than the average.

The mean rating is more accurate than the median.

But if you look at the top and bottom models, you see that they are equally rated.

This means that if the median model is rated better, then the top-rated model will be rated better.

So the median is more reliable than the mean, but if you compare the models, it shows that the top rating is significantly better than the top mean rating.

So, the top refrigerator and freezer model in 2021 is a 9.3 and a 9, so they both are 9.4, which is good.

The best rated refrigerator in 2021 has a mean and a median, and both of them are higher than 99% of all other models.

The top rated model gets 9.8 and the median 9.9 and that’s good.

The bottom model gets 10.4 and the mean 10.6.

This is a great result.

The median model in 2022 is rated 8.4 out of 10, but that doesn

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