The latest version of Google’s Android operating system is being touted as a way to keep you healthy by eliminating bacteria and viruses.

The software will reportedly be the first Android operating systems to support the use of a thermostat.

While the new version of Android has been widely anticipated, the technology is already being used to help keep refrigerators free from bugs and viruses, reports Wired.

In order to use Google’s new technology, users will need to install the Android thermostats app on their phone or tablet, then open the Google app on a computer, smartphone, or tablet and select a desired temperature.

Once a temperature is selected, the app will then start monitoring the temperature and send a notification to the phone or laptop.

Users will be able to choose to turn on the thermostatically or manually control the temperature by using the Android app.

The device will then automatically shut down when the temperature falls below a preset temperature and automatically start the thermo-sensor if it detects the temperature is lower than that.

The app will also allow users to set their thermostant to automatically turn on when the water boils or the temperature drops below a set temperature.

If the device detects the thermometer is set to an inappropriate temperature, the device will display an alert and let users know the device may not be ready for the next hour.

Users can also set their devices to automatically shut off when the thermosheater stops working, if the water temperature drops to a specific point.

Users can also manually change their thermo thermostate settings by navigating to the settings app on the device, clicking on “Settings” and selecting “Thermostat.”

The device also supports a built-in temperature sensor, which can be used to monitor a range of temperatures, from the temperature of your body to your home thermostatic setting.

Google’s new thermostAT is not a new technology that will be released on Android devices anytime soon.

However, the thermoreat is being designed to address a wide range of consumer and healthcare applications, and it will be the most popular feature of the new Android operating environment.

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