Samsung has announced the world’s first refrigerator that can be customized and personalized.

The fridge is called the S27, and it’s an appliance made to your specific requirements.

You can choose from four different sizes: a 25-ounce, 30-ounce and 55-ounce fridge.

Each fridge comes with the same basic functionality, but you can customize it to suit your needs.

The refrigerator comes with an app that allows you to customize the fridge’s display, its lighting, and its interior.

And there’s a built-in temperature and humidity sensor to ensure your fridge stays warm.

The fridge is also compatible with Samsung Smart Thermostats, which let you customize your refrigerator’s lighting, temperature, and humidity to your exact specifications.

The Samsung refrigerator is the most innovative fridge yet.

It’s actually not quite as impressive as some of its competitors.

It has one key advantage: it’s made for a specific purpose.

It can be made to fit almost any refrigerator you want to use, with a range of different sizes.

That makes it ideal for those who need to store and transport large amounts of food, or who need an appliance that’s designed specifically for a particular refrigerator.

In addition to being a refrigerator, the S26 comes with a smart thermostat that lets you customize the refrigerator’s lights, temperature and moisture sensors, and thermostatic controls.

It also comes with sensors for air circulation and humidity.

The S27 is the first fridge to be customized by a user, which Samsung says gives the fridge a level of control over its temperature and pressure.

For example, you can choose between two different temperature settings: 100°F or 120°F.

The S27 also has a temperature sensor that lets it know how much water is in the fridge, and how hot it is when you open it.

It uses those two temperature sensors to determine how hot the fridge should be when you’re not home.

You’ll need to connect the fridge to your computer, but once connected, the fridge will monitor your temperature at all times.

The only other fridge Samsung has released to date is the S22, which is a much smaller refrigerator that only comes with four size options.

It doesn’t come with a built in temperature sensor, so it can’t be used with Samsung smart thertopats.

The only other refrigerator Samsung has made to date that lets its users customize its temperature is the Samsung Smart-Warm.

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