On Monday, Amazon announced a partnership with Costco, the nation’s largest grocery retailer.

The company will soon begin shipping its first two Amazon Prime members to Costco’s warehouses.

The two partners will begin shipping orders at the same time, so if you order something today at a Costco store, you’ll get it tomorrow, said Jim Kudla, Amazon’s vice president of business development and corporate affairs.

Amazon will also begin shipping items from its Prime Fresh program, which allows Prime members the ability to buy up to 50 percent off on items they buy online.

For Prime members, this will make it easier to shop for groceries.

Costco and Amazon are expected to launch Prime Fresh in the next two months, and the new Amazon Prime program will roll out to other retailers this fall.

This is Amazon’s first foray into groceries.

Earlier this year, it opened a small store in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, which sells small grocery items like coffee beans and salad dressing.

In November, it announced it would open a grocery store in Las Vegas.

Walmart, the second-largest U.S. grocery retailer, opened a grocery center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 2017.

The retailer has had grocery stores in Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

Amazon is expected to announce a grocery plan in the near future.

The announcement comes as Costco is looking to grow its retail footprint, especially in the Northeast and the Midwest.

According to Fortune, Amazon recently announced a plan to open a warehouse in the New York City area and a grocery shopping center in Atlanta.

The expansion would allow the company to serve customers in the region more quickly and efficiently, according to Fortune.

It also would enable Costco to open more grocery stores and expand its reach to smaller areas.

“Our goal is to be a global player in grocery shopping, so we’ve focused on expanding in the United States, which is a very important market for us,” Kudala said.

“I think we’re going to see an increase in the number of grocery stores, and we’re excited to be part of this expansion.”

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