Gas Refrigerators have a long and storied history, from the humble icebox to the latest model.

Now, it seems the best refrigerators may be the ones you buy from your local hardware store.

Gas is often considered a dirty, low-tech way to store energy, but it also comes in many shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for a gas fridge, you may have a choice from two options. 


The Air-Cooled Air Refrigerator (also known as the “air compressor”)  This is the cheapest option.

The air compressor is a compressor that runs on electricity.

Its purpose is to suck heat out of the air and then store it. 2.

The Freezer (also called the “freezer”)  If you’ve got a lot of frozen food to cook, the Freezer is the better option.

Its built like a fridge, with no air pump.

You can freeze a whole bunch of food and then turn it into freezer meals, which can then be stored in the freezer. 


The Refrigeration Unit (also referred to as a “refrigeration unit” or “refuge”)  The Refurmer can also be called a refrigerator.

It uses a compressor to pull heat out and then stores it in a container.

It is used to create ice, and it is a better choice for ice-free foods, like fruit and vegetables. 


The Home Freezer  This refrigerator is built like your normal fridge.

It comes with an air pump and a freezer, but also comes with a microwave, freezer-safe liquid storage, and a fridge-safe refrigerator. 


The Ice Cream Carton Refrigerated ice cream can be bought from the freezer section of the grocery store, or you can make your own at home. 


The Dumpster Refrigerate a whole load of ice from a dumpster and store it in the refrigerator.

It can also go in the microwave, so you can freeze leftover food or even make it for guests. 


The Gas Tank Refrigerant can also make a great refrigerator.

There’s no air pumping involved, so it can be built in just about any shape.

It’s perfect for ice cream or other frozen foods. 


The Frozen Food Carton It’s great to be able to freeze food in the fridge.

The Carton will make a frozen food item and then freeze it into a delicious treat. 


The Canned Food Cartons Some grocery stores offer canned food, so this option is great for you if you want to cook meals and store them for later. 


The Coffee Carton This freezer option is for coffee.

You simply put a coffee filter in the carton, and you can just pop the filter in there and put it in your fridge for later consumption. 


The Freezeable Fruit Cartons Freezeable fruit is great to freeze, as is milk and eggs. 


The Milk Cartons If you have some milk, milk ice cream, or yogurt to store in the pantry, you can store it at home with this freezer option. 


The Non-Frozen Yogurt Cartons Yogurt is great.

The Yogurt and Fruit Carton are both good choices for frozen desserts. 


The Dry Ice Cartons You can also freeze dried fruit in the dry ice cooler, and freeze it in that. 


The Fruit Cartoons If you want something really good, there are many frozen foods to choose from. 


The Vegetable Carts These are the best options for frozen vegetables.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals. 


The Cheese Cartons These are great for making cheese sandwiches, so if you can find cheese, you will probably enjoy them. 


The Wine Cartons This is a great option if you need to make wine.

The wine cartons are packed full of antioxidants, and if you add wine, you’ll end up with a more flavorful beverage. 


The Eggs Cartons Eggs are great, and there are a few frozen options to choose at your local grocery store. 


The Bread Cartons Most breads can be frozen, but these are also great options.

They come in many different shapes and designs, and they are great to use as a bread for a variety of different meals. 


The Beer Cartons It’s best to make a cold beer and store the beer in a cooler. 


The Crackers Cartons These are great crackers, and these are perfect for baking. 


The Popcorn Cartons Popcorn is good for a snack, and its easy to freeze. 


The Snacks Cartons Just because a snack is a snack doesn’t mean it can’t be frozen. 

25. The Pies 

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