If you’ve ever cooked a chicken breast, you probably noticed a “chicken chop” that would break apart into pieces.

But a new generation of refrigerators that can process frozen food is giving consumers another way to cut down on the risk of food spoilage.

Whirlpool, a manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, announced Thursday that it has developed an innovative refrigerator with an integrated processor and a liquid nitrogen tank that allows consumers to freeze their food without disturbing the frozen food.

Whirlingons is the only company to create a refrigerator with this technology, which means that customers can freeze frozen food without damaging the food.

The refrigerator also allows customers to cut the fat and protein content of their food, reducing their risk of eating too much protein, and it can reduce food’s spoilage potential, according to Whirlpool’s product manager, Eric Ebel.

The company has tested the new refrigerator in a commercial kitchen, and customers who have tried it have been impressed with its efficiency.

“The new refrigerators we’ve shown off so far are a real hit with customers,” said Whirl Pool president and CEO, Chris Rauch, who spoke at a press conference at WhirlPool’s headquarters in Chicago.

“It’s the fastest-moving refrigeration system we’ve ever demonstrated, so we’re extremely pleased with that,” Rauth said.

Whirlwind, another Whirls subsidiary, also announced that it had developed a new refrigerator that combines a liquid-cooled liquid-heating system with an ultra-low-temperature liquid-feed system, which is ideal for people who work from home or who like to have meals at home and are not necessarily cooking for a large group.

Whirly, a unit of GE Corp., unveiled a similar refrigerator that also uses a liquid system and an ultra low-temperatures liquid feed system, and has tested in a retail kitchen in a supermarket.

Whi, a subsidiary of WhirlPuck, has also shown that it can handle frozen food in its retail kitchen, too.

The unit has also tested in an industrial kitchen.

Whirl-pool is a subsidiary in GE’s GE Appliances division.

A company spokesman declined to comment.

Whatcham, a company in the refrigeration market, is developing a refrigerator that is similar to Whirpool’s.

A spokesperson for Whatcham declined to say when the refrigerators will be available.

The companies declined to disclose sales figures for the new refrigeration products, but they said they were selling more refrigerators than the new products.

The Whirlpuck refrigerator is designed to work with air-cooling systems, which are the primary refrigerant for commercial kitchens.

Whirys liquid-heat refrigeration unit is meant to be used with other liquid-flow systems, such as a liquid feed, which have become popular for small commercial kitchens in recent years.

The new Whirlpak refrigeration units will come in a variety of sizes and are priced for use in retail kitchens, grocery stores and restaurant kitchens, according a company website.

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