LAGOS (Reuters) – Target Corp (TGT.

N) is changing the name of its refrigerator and appliance brand and is seeking trademark protection from a company that sued the retailer over a logo, according to a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Monday.

Target’s latest effort to change its brand and identity follows a flurry of other trademark and trademark protection filings made by a slew of companies over the past two years.

In a filing on April 12, Target’s attorneys said they intend to file a “definitive and unqualified claim” that “the Company is in violation of the trademark, patent, trade dress and trade name rights of a trademarked name or trademark that the Company is currently using, or has used since its inception, and that the use of the mark is misleading, deceptive or disparaging.”

The filing was filed on behalf of the U,S.

District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

It did not provide any additional details about Target’s proposed claims, but the court’s filing on Monday said that Target would seek the trademark protection on a number of “unique and distinctive marks” it has applied for in the past.

“The claim is intended to identify a variety of marks that Target has applied in the market that identify it as an independent and distinct brand of products and services,” the filing said.

Target said it was aware of the filing and had no further comment.

It was not immediately clear how the new trademark claim relates to the company’s current name, which the filing noted was “LAGOS” (meaning “low temperature” or “low” in Latin).

In April, Target said it would change its name from LAGO, which stands for “lagrous, light,” to LAG-OS, which means “light-weight,” but the company did not say what the change would mean for its refrigerators.

The brand has been popular with consumers for its lightweight design.

Target has been trying to get trademark protection for its name for the last few years, even as competitors have filed trademark infringement lawsuits against the company.

In August, the company filed for a trademark registration on the term “low-price.”

Target’s new filing suggests that it is not just trying to register a new trademark but also trying to protect its existing mark and name, as well as to secure additional trademark protection.

Target is one of the biggest retailers in the United States, selling more than a million refrigerator units a month, and is one the most profitable retailers in America.

The company employs nearly 2,000 people in Massachusetts and its U.K. headquarters are in Britain.

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