The biggest difference between the two terms is what they are used for, and the exact size of the container.

If you’re a freezer, the size of your container determines how much space it takes up in the freezer, and you want as much space as possible.

If a fridge uses a smaller container, it means it will work more efficiently.

If you’re an oven or refrigerator with no air conditioning, it’s more of a matter of preference.

If there’s no air conditioner, you want the air in the fridge to be free to circulate and cool off, and it’ll have less room for waste.

There are also a couple of other important factors to consider, such as the type of container and its size.

A fridge is a container with a shelf underneath it, so it’ll be easier to carry.

A freezer can be any size container, and can either be a solid object that is sealed inside the fridge, or a container that you can put into the freezer and leave in there.

If it’s not sealed, the temperature inside the freezer will drop, so you’ll want to keep it refrigerated.

A freezer that’s not in the refrigerator will have less space inside.

If there’s an air conditioning unit inside, it’ll affect how long you can keep the freezer refrigerated, as it’s going to cool down the room.

A fridge will keep its temperature for a longer period of time if you put it inside the refrigerator, or it’ll keep its heat at a certain level when it’s outside, so if it’s a cold winter day, you might want to bring it inside.

When you buy a refrigerator, you’re also choosing the size and shape of the door, and what kind of space it fills.

You’ll want a door that’s big enough for the fridge itself, and small enough that you don’t have to worry about getting it into the fridge.

The best thing about a freezer is that it’s smaller than a refrigerator in size, so when it does get inside, you don-t have to take your hand off the handle to open it up.

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