When you’re at home, you may want to get some of those nifty features you might have in your laptop or smartphone: the ability to switch between apps, set timers and even turn on lights.

But if you’re in a room with a fireplace, you might want to turn that off and on again.

So here’s how to do that with your iPhone.

First things first: You’ll need to open up your app drawer and tap on the settings icon, which looks like a circle with two dots above it.

Then you’ll see a menu that looks like this:You’ll be asked to select which of your apps you want to use as the background.

And, for the first time ever, there will be two options: the app you want and a shortcut to it.

That shortcut is just the icon for the app, not the name of the app.

So you can just tap the icon to open it.

The second option, called the “previous screen,” is for the home screen.

Tap it, and the home app will open, along with other apps that you might already have open.

Tap the icon again, and you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number.

That’s it.

Now, your iPhone is back to its usual, pre-iPhone state, with a notification in the status bar.

This is the way the iPhone looks when you turn on the lights:The same thing applies when you tap on a timer or switch between applications: When you do this, the clock will flash twice.

That means you’re not really switching between apps anymore.

The same is true for the flashlight: When your iPhone turns on, it also flashes once.

So if you have two or more apps open on the home screens, you’ll get the same result.

So what about apps that aren’t on the list?

Well, there’s always the app drawer, which is the place where you can see your home screen and other apps.

But it’s a little hidden.

There’s also the icon of the previous screen.

It’s just a small dot with two lines above it, with the option to choose the app that’s currently open.

And you can swipe up from there to go back to the main home screen or just switch between those two apps, or to the home clock.

That’s it, folks.

That is the only time you’ll actually see the home menu on your iPhone screen.

And if you just want to switch back and forth between apps and home screens on the fly, you can use the menu button, which appears in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can use it to access settings, like turning on a light or turning off a timer, or you can tap on an app to start playing music.

But you won’t get to see all the different settings or settings for all the apps.

That functionality is in the app itself.

If you want more details, you’re going to need to tap on your settings icon again.

And that time will bring up a menu with three options: app settings, flashlight settings and home screen settings.

This is where you’ll have to choose what you want in order to have access to these options.

If your iPhone has a built-in speaker, you could just use the built-ins microphone to talk to your TV or other devices.

Or, if you don’t have a built in speaker, the Siri app is your friend.

It will listen for Siri commands and will give you a personalized response.

For those who use the Siri feature in the iOS device, you won, of course, get to say it back, but the Siri version is much more customizable.

You can choose the way you want your answer to sound, how long it should take, what kind of accent you want, and even the number of words you want the voice to have.

You’ll also be able to set the accent of the person you speak to, which will help with accents on other devices that use Siri.

The Apple TV app is a lot more customizable than the Siri one, as well.

You might not want to do anything with the remote, but you might find the app to be useful when you want something like turning the volume up or down on a show or changing a channel on your TV.

It also has an option to let you set a timer for it to start automatically.

It also comes with a number of other features that are exclusive to the Apple TV, like the ability for you to turn on a speaker for it and mute it, to play audio from your favorite podcasts, and so on.

For a detailed list of the features, you need to go to the app’s website.

But for the most part, you just have to do what’s shown on your screen.

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