The double door fridge is one of those appliances you can use in a 2-person kitchen.

There’s a built-in power socket, a freezer compartment, and a removable door.

If you want to use one for cooking or for storage, you’ll need to remove the door, flip the freezer compartment open, and put in the power.

This will allow you to put a small refrigerator in the center of the room.

The fridge is so versatile that it’s often the first thing you’ll install.

It’s easy to install, and it’s also easy to remove.

Step 1: Remove the door Step 2: Remove freezer compartment from refrigerator Step 3: Flip refrigerator open to remove power outlet, then slide the door back in Step 4: Slide refrigerator back into refrigerator to install the door (Optional) Step 5: Remove door and power outlet from refrigerator to open the refrigerator (Optional, if using a 2.5-liter fridge) The double door is an easy, compact way to create a spacious kitchen with a small fridge.

It doesn’t have the extra bulk of the double-door fridge, but it’s a great option if you have an older fridge or a large one that doesn’t fit in the same space.

You can also remove the refrigerator and power outlets from the fridge to install it.

Once the door is in place, slide it out and remove the power socket.

It comes with a spring clip that can be used to remove it if necessary.

Step 6: Install the door to the refrigerator, then open it to install power outlet and switch the fridge back in to refrigeratorStep 7: Reinstall the door and put power outlet back in refrigerator, install the double door and fridge back into the kitchenStep 8: Replace the power outlet in refrigerator and turn on the lightsStep 9: Turn off the lights, turn on power outletStep 10: Enjoy a full night of cooking with a double door refrigerator, and take advantage of the refrigerator’s versatilityThe double-decker fridge is a versatile, compact refrigerator that you can install and remove in minutes.

It’s built to last, and you can turn it into a portable freezer compartment to store your food and to store water in the refrigerator for quick meals.

The refrigerator also comes with its own power socket that can plug into the power outlets, so you can keep your power cord in the fridge and still have it working when you need it.

It also comes packaged with a freezer, a plastic door to install in the freezer, and an 8-inch stainless steel dishwasher.

The double-deck refrigerator can be configured to hold two or four people, depending on the size of your kitchen.

The double fridge is easy to build.

The power socket can be removed and installed in minutes, and the fridge comes with the power to run a single-wall, two-way, or two-cycle refrigerator.

You can also install the refrigerator into a two-room space and run it through an electric outlet, or you can put the fridge in a room with two doors and two double doors, and have it run through an outlet.

The refrigerator has a 2 1/2-liter capacity.

You’ll want to double the space to fit a 2 ½-liter freezer compartment and a 1-liter dishwasher compartment.

The refrigerator comes with two door panels, two double-door doors, an 8.5 x 9.5 inch stainless steel door, and four stainless steel feet.

The fridge comes in two different sizes: a 2 3/4-liter and a 3-liter.

It can be ordered with the 3-L and 2-L sizes.

The two-door double-department refrigerator comes with an additional power socket for easy power-driven installation.

It has a two 1/4 inch power socket and a 2 inch stainless power socket so you don’t need to worry about connecting the fridge, or if you need to adjust the power level, you can just turn the power on and off.

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