A glass door is often considered to be a “bad investment” and many homeowners will probably consider buying a different type of fridge.

But a new study suggests that, if you have glass doors, you may actually be saving money.

Glass doors are designed to catch moisture and the majority of them will catch moisture in a room.

When a refrigerator is placed in a closet, for example, the glass door will catch the moisture and prevent it from accumulating in the refrigerator.

The same can be true for a refrigerator, but with glass doors.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore, found that the water and moisture trapped in glass doors can be used for other purposes.

“Glass doors may provide a cost-effective solution to humidifiers that need to be kept in a sealed environment,” said lead author Dr Jodie M. Dyer, a PhD student in the department of psychology.

“But they are a major drain on energy and resources when you’re dealing with a room that needs to be cleaned regularly.

They also add a lot of maintenance and upkeep, which is expensive.”

A glass door with a window in the middle, as pictured.

A glass window has a very narrow window.

The light from the outside can get reflected off the glass, making it less efficient at absorbing infrared light.

In order to make a glass window work as a humidifier, you have to have a good thermal efficiency, which means the glass must be placed very close to the room.

That means the window needs to have an open window to reflect the heat back into the room, which makes it more efficient.

Glass door manufacturers have been using glass to make their humidifiers for a long time.

Glass is a porous material, meaning that the heat it absorbs can evaporate quickly.

“Most glass doors are made from a combination of glass and a porous metal.

In this study, we have shown that glass can be recycled from glass in a way that it doesn’t need to,” said Dr Dyer.

The research is published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

The research is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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