A few years ago, a Melbourne man named Matthew Clements was having a terrible day.

After a night out with friends, he’d fallen asleep in a car with his girlfriend, who had just turned 22.

When he woke up, she’d fallen into a coma, leaving behind a 10-year-old son.

Unable to pay for a taxi back home, Matthew found himself living in an apartment with a fridge, which he thought was too big.

“I’d never had a fridge before, and I didn’t know how to make it,” he said.

Matthew was so upset, he had no choice but to start using it.

He started by turning the fridge off completely, then gradually opening it up.

By day five, he was happy with the fridge’s size.

“At first it felt like a huge, big fridge,” he says.

“But I started opening it slowly, so it was still a little bit smaller than a normal fridge.”

After a few weeks of gradually opening the fridge, Matthew noticed a noticeable difference in its quality.

The first thing he noticed was how it was much quieter.

He noticed the chillers temperature rose and fell with each turn, as the room temperature changed.

“After a while, I started wondering what the heck is going on, and that was when I realised it was probably just the chiller,” he explains.

“The next thing I realised was that it was a thermostat.”

After using the fridge for a few months, Matthew realised that the fridge was actually a very efficient way to cool itself.

“When I’m not using the unit, the fridge goes into automatic shut-off mode,” he told ABC News.

“It shuts down automatically if there’s no incoming electricity, and shuts down if there is.”

The thermostats function similar to an oven.

When you’re using it, it’s designed to keep your fridge temperature at the ideal temperature for you and your family.

But Matthew realised it’s also designed to maintain the fridge temperature even when you’re not using it to keep it cold.

It keeps it from dropping too far and the fridge is designed to operate in a constant state of temperature, even when it’s not being used.

Matthew is now a successful chef, who uses the fridge as part of his cooking and baking.

He uses it for almost everything from cooking, to baking, to serving and even to making ice cream.

“A fridge works because it’s built into the fridge,” Matthew says.

The fridge also works by keeping the room’s temperature constant, even if you’re sleeping in the fridge.

“If I’m cooking and the temperature is changing, I can adjust the temperature of the food or the food can get too warm or too cold.

I can also adjust the size of the fridge to help control the temperature.”

Matthew is also using the refrigerator to control the humidity of his kitchen.

If he puts it on when it is very hot, it can keep it from getting too humid.

If it’s a little cooler than usual, it will allow it to get more humid.

Matthew also likes to keep the fridge warm when it gets too cold, and it’s an important feature for many people who live in apartments, like himself.

“Sometimes the fridge can be very warm when we’re home, but if we have to go out, we’ll be too cold,” he tells ABC News Breakfast.

“We want the fridge always to be at the optimal temperature for our body.”

A fridge can also be used as a pressure-relief valve when you have to use the bathroom.

“You can take a pressure valve and use it to cool your toilet when you go to use it,” Matthew explains.

But most importantly, the refrigerator is a way to save energy when you don’t have to cook.

“There’s no electricity in the house, so we can get energy from the fridge without heating the house,” Matthew notes.

“And it’s very easy to turn on the fridge and turn it off.”

So what’s the best fridge for you?

There are a lot of different fridge types and sizes out there, and the type you choose is really up to you.

You could choose a fridge that is designed for people who only want to use their fridge for cooking and only use it for keeping their refrigerator cold, or one that is used for both cooking and storage.

The only thing that you should be looking out for is the heat-resistant seal that’s designed into the freezer, which can reduce the risk of food getting stuck.

If you’re planning to make ice cream, you may want to try a fridge with a thermo-saver feature that reduces the heat generated by the fridge when the freezer is turned on.

If there’s a temperature setting that you don,t want, you can try turning the refrigerator off manually, to keep that setting at its maximum temperature.

But if you have a freezer, or you’re buying a fridge for someone else,

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